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Get Ready for Thanksgiving Travel

Discover the Best Days to Fly in 2023

Tips for Smoother Travel and Savings

1. Airfares are cheaper this year by about 7.2%.

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Lessons from Past Thanksgiving Flights

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is the busiest day.

Thanksgiving Day is the least crowded.

The Crazy Sunday After Thanksgiving

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1. In 2019, 2021, and 2022, it was the busiest day.

Flying on Sunday can be 81% to 110% more crowded.

Comparing Thanksgiving and Sunday After

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In 2022, 2,560,623 passengers flew on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving Day (2022), 1,400,490 passengers traveled.

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The first stop

A Smarter Thanksgiving Travel Plan

Great Ideas for a Calmer and Cheaper Trip

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Airfares are down by 7.2% in 2023's first half.

.Skip traveling on the Wednesday-Sunday schedule.

Enjoy Less Crowded Travel on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day: A Hidden Gem

Black Friday is the third least crowded day for flying.

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Beat the Rush on Black Friday

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