Discover 5 Abandoned Places or Buildings in Ontario

1. Shift' by Richard Serra - King City, Ontario

5 Abandoned Places Waiting to be Discovered

This is first Abandoned Place A unique piece by one of the most famous sculptors of the 20th century is rotting away in a small Ontario town. Richard Serra, one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century, created “Shift” in King City, Ontario, back in 1970. This forgotten masterpiece, made of concrete, stands as a testament to Serra’s brilliance but is now obscured by tall grasses and the passage of time. Abandoned Places

2. Burwash Correctional Center - Killarney, Ontario

Burwash Correctional Center - Killarney, Ontario

Abandoned Building Burwash Correctional Center, once a bustling provincial prison, now lies abandoned in the harsh Ontario climate. Established in 1914, the prison was a self-sufficient community with its own infrastructure, including a church, post office, and farm. However, financial concerns led to its closure in 1975, leaving behind decaying buildings and eerie silence

3. Kiosk Ghost Town - Nipissing District, Ontario

Kiosk Ghost Town - Nipissing District, Ontario

Kiosk, established in 1941 as a lumber town, or Abandoned Building met its demise after a series of unfortunate events, including a devastating fire in 1973. Despite efforts to rebuild, the town eventually succumbed to government pressure to vacate the land, becoming a ghost town by 1992. Today, only remnants of its former glory remain, with the ranger station being the sole original building still standing.

4. Brockville Tunnel - Brockville, Ontario

Brockville Tunnel - Brockville, Ontario

For a hundred years, trains traveled through this tunnel to access the shipping docks on the St. Lawrence River. Abandoned in the 1960s, it now serves as a walking trail illuminated by thousands of colorful LED lights. Visitors can explore its unique construction methods and enjoy a cool retreat on hot days, making it a popular destination in Brockville, Ontario.

5. Hanlan's Corner Cemetery - Mississauga, Ontario

Hanlan's Corner Cemetery - Mississauga, Ontario

A tiny Victorian-era cemetery hidden in plain view at the corner of two major trucking thoroughfares—Britannia Rd. East and Dixie Rd. in current-day Mississauga, outside of Toronto. Once part of the village of Hanlan, the cemetery is now the only remnant of the community. Visitors can explore the gravesites and reflect on the history of this lost village amidst the bustling modern surroundings.

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